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The Labra Brothers have established themselves regionally, not only as the standard within their core genre of Latin Funk & Soul, but as a dynamic and diverse juggernaut of musical presentation. Their versatility has become more evident with each new original studio recording they have released, which explains why the band has become so heavily pursued for a wide range of public and private events. The Brothers have gained momentum after playing opening roles for Los Lobos and Average White Band within the last two years. In 2022, they were voted "Best Latin" by the Cleveland Music Awards, which preceded their recognition as "Best Latin Rock Band" by Cleveland Magazine in 2023. Additionally, the Labras released their Latin Funk single, "Be Cool", which is accompanied by a music video filmed in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. 

There was no moment in particular that inspired The Labra Brothers to create music together, which is part of what makes their story so unique. Having been raised in rustbelt northeast Ohio by parents with diverse musical backgrounds of their own, the Brothers developed a broad musical palette over the course of their younger years - which combined the blues sounds of John Lee Hooker & Stevie Ray Vaughan, the latin & world influence of Marc Anthony & Carlos Santana, the iconic mariachi music of Vicente Fernandez, and the overt versatility and chicano swagger displayed by Los Lobos of East LA. More than a mere appreciation for music was the early discovery of their own musical talents, and the sheer love for playing and singing the songs of their strongest influences. Before long, the squad of siblings were putting their talents to work within their own original creations. They had discovered their ability to so effortlessly fall into an instrumental groove, and sing in harmony so naturally, that one could only assume it was the product of some kind of mystical family telepathy. For these boys, music was more than a talent or skill, it had become an inherent quality, a device for communication, shared between brothers. 


The band continues to grow their repertoire of original music, and has maintained a team of professional musicians that have completed a vibrant and spirited group. To further warrant their familial title, the youngest brother in the Labra family, Antonio, has recently joined the ranks as band percussionist. To see this band at a live stage show event is to experience an urge to dance that even the strongest can’t resist. It may even leave you wondering if there are open positions remaining within the family.



Adrian Labra

guitar / vocals

Adrian is the eldest brother in the Labra family. He carries a distinctly clean, bluesy voice, and has crafted a personalized style of lead guitar by drawing influences from his favorite blues and latin rock guitarists. Adrian is the tallest member of the band.


Fun fact: Adrian has a degree in accounting from Youngstown State University, and enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his wife, Kelly, and daughter, Loisa.


Cristian Labra

bass / vocals

His funky-fresh bass lines have remained a staple within the Labra Brothers’ sound from the beginning. After a few initial years of playing guitar, Cristian picked up the bass, and joined Adrian playing acoustic shows. Together they ignited the idea that is the Labra Brothers today. Cristian projects sheer emotion with his soulful, bluesy voice.


Fun fact: Cristian has a degree in marketing from Kent State University, and has an adorable cat at home, named Frida.


David Labra

guitar / sax / vocals

David was first initiated into the group when his older brothers persuaded (coerced) him to take up saxophone as a second instrument. His brothers appreciate that he contributes the high harmonies, as well. At 5’11”, David is the shortest member of the band.


Fun fact: David is a former state champion greco-roman wrestler. Also, it's pronounced “DUH-VEED” (not “DAY-VID”). Mispronounce at your own peril. 


Antonio Labra

percussion / vocals

As the youngest brother in the Labra family, Antonio brings down the average age of the group by quite a bit. Don’t let his age fool you - his chops on the congas are an electrifying add to the band dynamic. He gets his fair share of harassment from his older brothers, but at the end of the day, he deserves it. 


Fun fact: Antonio has his hands in a few of his own business ventures, and aspires to be the world’s next Elon Musk. 


Matt Hayes


Matt has been with the Brothers since their early days as a band. Having studied at the Dana School of Music at Youngstown State University, Matt brings a proficiency on the drum kit that drives every groove you’ll hear on a Labra Brothers original. 


Fun fact: Matt is the proud father of three miniature dogs and one hedgehog, and is a high school percussion director. 


Danny Svenson


In addition to his know-how behind the mixing dials, Danny also brings unique character and bold stage presence to every live show. His creative input is critical to the band’s writing process. You’ll likely hear a few of his smooth keys solos at any given TLB show. 


Fun fact: Danny is a founding member of the band, Spirit of the Bear, and freelances as a keyboardist in several other musical projects. He also owns an endless supply of synthesizers. 

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